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April 8, 2017

Class 2 (MCC Series) Death of expertise and the signs of true Islamic scholarship

Death of Expertise Class 2 (MCC Series)


In this class Imam Mikaeel Ahmed holds a discussion on the campaign against established knowledge, scholarship and academia. He attempts to bring to the fore front of Muslim discourse the current wave of anti-intellectualism and the rise of the hobbyist scholar and public intellectuals. In this class he highlights key factors for identifying scholarship along with some reasons why intellectuals and experts are often misunderstood such as social insecurity, confirmation bias, stereotypes vs generalizations and the Dunning-Kruger effect.

April 8, 2017

Class 1 (MCC series) Cognitive Bias and the Quran and Sunnah

Class one of the "Clearing the fog" series held at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

Cognitive Bias from the Quran and Sunnah 

In this class Imam Mikaeel Ahmed Smith discusses various cognitive Biases and the how they affect our understanding of the Quran. Imam Mikaeel show how many verses in the Quran and many Hadith actually speak about some of the cognitive biases.  

1. Anchoring Bias

2. Choice supportive Bias

3. Confirmation Bias

4. Cheerleader Bias 

Are a few of the biases discussed in this class. 


March 30, 2017

Class 4 Introduction to General Islamic Studies

Listen to class four of Imam Mikaeel Ahmed Smith's weekly session with Brother Tariq Toure in which they discuss the concept of divine enablement,  guidance and misguidance. 

March 7, 2017

Learning to Choose your Pain not your pleasures

In this lecture Imam Mikaeel breaks down the subtle art of of not choosing your pleasures but rather learning to choose our struggles.  

March 7, 2017

Class 3 Introduction to General Islamic Studies

In Class 3 Imam MIkaeel Ahmed Smith sits down with Brother Tariq Toure as they discuss

1.Belief in Allah 

2. Affirmation of the Heart and tongue 

3. What the Kalimah of Tawheed includes.  

March 1, 2017

Class 2: Introduction To General Islamic Studies

In this class Imam MIkaeel Ahmed Smith sits down with Brother Tariq Toure as they discuss

  • where Islamic creed came from and how it affects what can be consideredd in the fold of Islam and out of the fold of Islam. 
  • Islamic Epistomolgy 
  • Pratical application of this knowledge 
February 22, 2017

Introduction to General Islamic Studies: Understanding the overall scope of Islamic Sciences

How does the Quran explain the role and responsiblities of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace a nd Blessing be upon him)? How did these roles formaulate into very specific areas of study? In this one on one discussion Imam Mikaeel Ahmed Smith sits down with Brother Tariq Toure going over the development of Quranic studies and Islamic legal perspectives. 

February 17, 2017

Fighting off Shaytan

A short class in which Imam Mikaeel Ahmed Smith speaks about Shaytan and the Nafs(lower self) and how to recognize thier influence and how to protect ones mind and heart from both. 

February 16, 2017

Stories of Companions: Umar bin Al-Khatab

Imam Mikaeel Ahmed Smith explains aspects of the life of Umar Bin Al-Khatab

February 15, 2017

Choosing Friends: Based off “The Beginning of Guidance”

The company we keep has a deep influence on who we are. In this class Imam Mikaeel talks indepth about the Quranic and Prophetic perspective on how to choose friends.